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TNT Sports Deals & Offers (Updated February 2024)

TNT Sports, formerly known as BT Sport, is a major player in the UK sports broadcasting landscape, offering a variety of live sports content, such as Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Golf, and La Liga. For readers looking for TNT Sports deals and offers to enjoy the action on TNT Sports, the main way is to get free TNT Sports via a bundled Discovery+ membership. But, there are several ways to subscribe and watch, all while considering cost-effectiveness and streaming quality. So, whether you’re looking at big provider packages or ways to access TNT live streaming free, read on for a few things to consider when working out how to access the service and the costs involved.

What is TNT Sports and what is included?

TNT Sports has evolved under the Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe banner, absorbing what was once BT Sports. It’s now become a premier destination for sports enthusiasts across the UK and indeed the world. With a TNT Sports membership, subscribers gain access to an extensive lineup of live sports action, ensuring they never miss a moment of their favorite games.

TNT Sports offers a wide range of sports, including UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, MotoGP, rugby, cricket, UFC, and boxing, catering to diverse sports preferences.

What Channels are included in a TNT Sports Membership?

The following top-tier TNT Sports channels are included:

  • TNT Sports 1, 2, 3, and 4: These primary channels are your go-to for comprehensive sports coverage, ensuring you have a front-row seat to the latest matches and events. They offer red-button access to multiscreen selections and both HD and SD options.
  • TNT Sports Ultimate: Experience sports like never before in stunning 4K HDR, complemented by the immersive audio of Dolby Atmos, bringing the stadium atmosphere right into your living room.
  • TNT Sports Box Office: For those special pay-per-view events, TNT Sports Box Office is your exclusive gateway to the most anticipated matches and fights. It’s available to both subscribers and those without membership meaning, for some, this might be the most cost-effective way if you watch specific one-off events.

TNT Sports membership offers flexibility, allowing you to watch live sports through various platforms. Whether you prefer the traditional TV experience or the convenience of streaming on the go, there’s a TNT sports deal option for you.

TNT Sports Deals and Offers

Okay, so let’s look at the deals and offers available for TNT Sports at the time of writing this article.

Access TNT Sports Deals & Offers via BT

TNT Sports offers a contract-free monthly pass for £30.99 via the BT website, this allows viewers to watch all TNT Sports content via the app or web player, with the ability to log in on two devices simultaneously.

Add it via BT, EE or TV Provider Existing Customer Packages

TNT Sports deals and offers can also be found with some TV providers. The channels can also be added to existing packages with Sky, Virgin Media, and other pay TV services like BT. The channels available include TNT Sports 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as TNT Sports Ultimate for 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos content, and the TNT Sports Box Office for pay-per-view events mentioned earlier. If you’re a long-standing, existing customer of BT you might find TNT Sports is already included, or be able to negotiate yourself a deal via customer services, particularly if you used to get BT Sport included for free. You can read more about our tips on haggling with existing providers like BT and Sky to get customer retention deals and offers.

Specific provider details to note:

  • EE TV now includes discovery+ at no extra cost. With the Sport, Big Sport, or Full Works package, subscribers get discovery+ Premium, including TNT Sports.
  • Existing BT broadband customers can access TNT Sports via the discovery+ app for £20/month
  • New EE broadband and EE TV customers receive discovery+ as part of their TV package. Alternatively, access TNT Sports, Eurosport, and discovery+ Premium for £29.99/month on the discovery+ app, no contract or broadband required.

For all of these deals, you can check your eligibility or up-to-date offers via the provider page.

Access TNT live streaming free as part of Discovery+ Premium

For those who prefer streaming alone, Discovery+ Premium offers a way to access TNT Sports channels without a broadband package. This service is available for £30.99 a month and can be watched on various devices, including smart TVs, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. You’ll want to have a decent device to stream on which is why our choice at Savvy Dad HQ is the Nvidia Shield TV, an Android streaming device that not only handles cloud gaming and all the usual apps you’ll want, but also uses AI tech to upscale to 4K, meaning all you glorious TNT Sports content continues to look amazing.

For an optimal viewing experience, investing in a high-quality streaming device like the Nvidia Shield TV is recommended. This device supports 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos, ensuring that viewers can enjoy TNT Sports content with the best possible picture and sound quality. You can pick Nvidia Shield TV devices up from CeX for around £70 these days – they’re amazing pieces of kit!

tnt live streaming free
BT allow customers to add the TNT sports deal via basket addition to existing packages.

Get TNT Sports for £18 per month with BT Broadband or Virgin deal

If you’re an existing BT Broadband user, you can get TNT Sports added for just £18 (note this may increase in April). Be aware though, this may be a 24-month tie-in. Virgin Media offers a similar deal, but theirs is on a 30-dat rolling basis at the time of writing this article.

Get TNT free with selected EE mobile plans

Included with EE’s Full Works or All Rounder plans, subscribers can select TNT Sports as one of their Inclusive Extras (note: 24-month contracts). Being aware of April inflation price-hikes, the cheapest All Rounder plan right now on the EE site starts at £26, offering 5GB of monthly data.

Can I get TNT Live Streaming Free via IPTV?

While seeking free live-streaming options for TNT Sports may be tempting, it’s important to be cautious. Legitimate access to TNT Sports content typically involves subscription fees or pay TV packages. Utilising free streaming services, or account-sharing sites may lead to potential rights infringements and compromise your viewing experience.

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