Earn 100% Cashback with Boom25

I’ve written frequently about the perks of using cashback in my articles about companies like Quidco. Well, relative newcomers, Boom25.com are changing the way traditional cashback offers work and offering their users the chance to get 100% cashback on every shop they do!

Why is this handy? Well, everything from a simple item like the fab Pokito Cup I wrote about in my reusable coffee cup article, to huge holidays can be bought online. In fact, you’ll be hard pushed to find something that isn’t sold online these days. 

Spending your hard-earned cash online is, for most, happening daily. We all know saving money by eating out cheaply, bulk cooking or finding bargains and voucher codes is helpful with finances. So, why not try boosting our online savings further via Boom 25 and their unique approach to cashback?

Get refunded for your entire shop with Boom 25

Say, for example, you came across a newly stocked item in the UK that didn’t have many offers available yet. In this instance, I will say it is a Fenty Beauty UK foundation, now stocked in UK Boots stores for £27 and rarely at a discounted price. You may get a small percentage discount from traditional cashback companies like Quidco and TopCashback.  In the case of Quidco, they would offer you 2% back on your Fenty Beauty UK foundation price of £27, i.e 54p. Now that’s great, but why take just 54p when you could get the whole £27 back?

100% refund – That’s right, they WHOLE basket cost back!

Boom25 gives the users of their site the chance to get 100% money back on a purchase made via their site. It doesn’t matter whether it is a basket full of small priced items, or one large high priced item. You can, via uses of Boom25, win the whole checkout price back.

The service works by instead of offering a small percentage of your spend back, they give every 25th shopper 100% back. So, effectively, a one in 25 chance of free shopping!

So, for that £27 Fenty Beauty UK foundation, you would get £27 back rather than the tiny 54p offered via the traditional cashback site Quidco!

Join Boom25 today for a £1 or £5 bonus.

Join Boom25 today and get a free £1 bonus. Just visit the link and wait for the popup to appear to register. Plus, if you make your first purchase within a few hours they offer a £5 bonus on spends of £20 or more.

This is also ideal for those interested in buying items on Amazon, especially if you buy Amazon gift cards. Why? Well, if you were planning on buying a £200 Amazon item, you could buy 4 x £50 card orders in quick succession, boosting the chances of you being the 25th customer on one of the cards. Sadly, Boom25 don’t offer you the chance to win on general Amazon sales, otherwise, you could half the odds of winning your order back again!

It’s worth thinking big too. Imagine you were booking your big family holiday totalling into the £1000’s. You could be that lucky 25th shopper that gets the whole lot back! Well worth trying!

There is no limit to the number of times you get your money back on your spends, so you could potentially be the 25th shopper time and time again depending on your luck.


How Boom25 works compared to traditional cashback sites.

Sign up for a free Boom25 account and get the £1 welcome bonus mentioned above added to your dashboard page on their website. All free and easy so far! No hidden costs or fees. They are an affiliate business so they’ll take a cut of the commission on sales from the 24 people who don’t win their baskets back to fund their site.

You then have access to over  600 retailers on their site, click through and shop like you normally would with traditional cashback websites. You’ll need a PayPal account to receive your funds back, again this is free to do. Once in your Paypal account, you can transfer the funds straight over to your bank account. 

Oh, and you’ll get £3 for each friend you refer too!


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