How to Save Money While Purchasing Plane Tickets

No matter where you’re planning to go on holiday, it’s always a good idea to search for cheaper flights and how to save money while purchasing plane tickets. Nowadays, flight comparison websites use algorithms to grant ticket prices based on factors such as your location, cookies, and browser history. In other words, users might find lower prices for their flights if they change the location they are surfing the net from.

Keep in mind that doing those things can make a big difference in prices for the same flights! Although finding cheaper tickets might be a time-consuming job, and it often feels like it leads you nowhere – following these little hacks might save you some hard work.

Don’t stick with one airline

Never stick with only one airline, especially if you’re travelling far away from home. Mixing your flights and airlines will help you save money, as usually, flights with stopovers are way cheaper than direct flights. Maybe that doesn’t sound too logical, and it takes up more time; however, your wallet will definitely thank you for that.

Use Kiwi.com To Find Cheaper Flights

Kiwi.com is an online travel platform intended for finding cheap flights and saving your time. Kiwi.com is a great tool to get some inspiration on your new travelling destination as well as find the best offer out there. One great thing about Kiwi.com is that it automatically provides options for mixing flights to secure lower ticket rates. All you have to do is enter your departure city and hit “search.”

Clear Your Browsing History

As you’re spending plenty of time online, your browser tends to know you better than some of your real-life friends. The problem is your online activity is continuously tracked regardless of which browser you use. This way, airlines and ticket comparison websites can check your browsing history and conclude which prices they’ll offer you. To avoid this, just simply clear your browsing history, reload your browser and enjoy new prices at a much lower rate.

Install a VPN Extension

There’s no secret that airlines have their specific magic tricks to lure their customers into buying plane tickets. One of the most common tricks they use is offering different prices for different countries. Changing your browser location is one of the easiest ways to get those tickets for less. To do that, you must change your IP address by using a VPN. Simply download a VPN for Android or any other operating system you use and virtually locate to other countries. This will allow you to get a different price for the same flight and save money on your travels. Note that those cheaper plane tickets usually ” hide” in lower-income countries. As these countries’ residents tend to spend less money on travelling, various airlines take advantage of this fact and offer them lower plane ticket prices than those in the United States or the UK. 

Use Google Flights to Search for Cheaper Dates

Google is widely known for its additional services allowing you to find cheaper flight dates. Note that this tip only works for passengers who don’t have a flight date yet. Therefore, Google Flight best fits those who can modify their travel plans and go according to cheaper dates. While this way won’t work for those who need to fly on a specific date, it can save you a fortune if you’re willing to plan your trip weeks in advance.

There are definitely many ways to grab those plane tickets for less. However, it may take some of your time and patience. One of the most common questions about using a VPN to find cheaper flights is whether doing this is legal. The answer is yes; it’s completely legal, and airlines won’t mind using a VPN to book more affordable flights. In most cases, they won’t even know that you did. Using these tips on how to save money while purchasing plane tickets might just help save some cash to spend when you arrive at your destination.


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