What are the best ways to make money at home or online?

Why should we be considering the best ways to make money at home and online? Well, while the coronavirus has had an adverse impact on the world’s socio-economic climate, there’s no doubt that it may ultimately lead to more positive changes in the global labour market.

In April 2020, for example, 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home, with 86.0% of this number doing so as a direct result of the coronavirus

Not only did this indicate a change in how people are working, but it also creates opportunities for individuals to build additional income streams from home. But what are the best ways to make money in this instance?


Launch a Blog as a way to make money at home or online

There’s no doubt that the halcyon days for blogging were in the noughties, when it was possible to make huge sums of money online. 

Now, it’s arguable that vlogging through sites such as YouTube offers quicker and more lucrative streams of income, but this doesn’t mean that blogging should now be considered a moribund practice.

Sure, blogging is a little more of a slow-burner as you look to establish an authoritative and profitable site, but the cultivation of high-quality content within a carefully targeted niche can undoubtedly lead to increased and regular dividends.

The best ways to monetise your blog and make money from home or online in the UK is through relevant and targeted advertising, while you can also offer guest posts to knowledgeable contributors in exchange for a fixed fee.


Financial market trading online to make money at home

Few income streams are as lucrative and passive as forex trading, although this is also an inherently risky and highly leveraged investment vehicle that must be approached from a position of knowledge. 

Interestingly, currencies can also be traded as derivative assets, which means that you’re free to speculate on price movements rather than being required to assume ownership of the underlying financial instrument. 

You can also trade forex with a relatively small amount of capital, as leveraged products of up to 100:1 enable you to control disproportionately large positions with a few hundred pounds.

There are also various strategies that can help beginners to succeed, with pelican trading offering a relevant case in point. This system enables you to copy the strategies of successful traders while experimenting and perfecting these trades through a risk-free demo account.

Complete Online Surveys

If you’re looking to monetise your spare time while at home, you could also look to complete online surveys on behalf of public agencies and private firms alike.

Such surveys can cover a range of topics, from providing product-oriented feedback and brands to offering up insight into how a particular product or service can be improved.

Websites such as Swagbucks and LifePoints also offer you access to paid surveys across a broad range of companies, with rewards paid in the form of PayPal cash or gifts depending on the nature of the survey.

This money-making method requires a relatively low time commitment, while you can earn up to £50 per survey in some instances. Using cashback sites like Quidco, Shopmium and using a Topcashback login can also help generate extra funds at home. You can also earn free Amazon gift cards in this way.


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