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How to use Shopmium to get free stuff and money off groceries.

Shopmium Review: What is a cashback app and how does it work?

I’m going to talk to you today about Shopmium and how to use it to get free groceries. But first some context… Over the past few years an increasing array of opportunities to “get cashback” have arisen as ways for retailers to get customers in the door. Whether it’s “gift” for £250 back on an arranged mortgage or a percentage back on your latest insurance acquisition, retailers will use them as carrots to dangle in front of you.

As a consumer, it’s vital to look past these offers and see any deal for what it’s really worth. 1% back on a £100 spend for example is not really a great victory for the consumer. Sites like Quidco and Topcashback are large websites that have more clout to get you better cashback rates. However, to truly get the most out of cashback deals, savvy readers should look to supermarket cashback apps for high return amounts.

These apps often over 50% back (ie. half price items) or in some cases 100% freebies. The beauty of these apps is also that you can combine them with conditional spend coupons from the supermarkets, comparison systems like the Asda price guarantee, or even manufacturers coupons. There are a few I’ll mention in later reviews like GreeJinn, ClickSnap from Quidco and Boom25. However, for this article, I’m looking at the relatively new UK addition of Shopmium.

What is Shopmium and how does it work?

Shopmium, as a platform, has existed in other countries for a while, mainly the US. But in 2016 it pushed into the UK market with more gusto. As an app (and online site) the premise is simple. Look for offers at nearby stores, check the dates they’re available and then buy the exact item listed. Once you’ve bought the item you can upload a photo of a receipt and scan the barcode to get cash refunded within days.

Shopmium’s simple claim process really can’t be beaten for ease of use.

Unlike other cashback apps, there’s no minimum refund, so if you bought a £1 loaf of bread with 50% off you’ll get 50p back quickly. The really interesting thing about Shopmium though is the company’s refer a friend scheme…

The Shopmium “refer a friend” scheme and why it’s brilliant.

Most apps will give you referral credit of some form. Shopmium currently credit £4 per friend referred. The great thing is it can be used to “boost an offer”. This credit is used to supplement any cost left on offers. For example…

  1. I see a loaf of bread is listed at £2 with 50% back via the app.
  2. I buy the loaf at £2, scan the receipt and barcode.
  3. 50% is refunded automatically (ie. £1)
  4.  As I have £4 “referral” credit, the remaining 50% (or £1) is also refunded as it’s supplemented by the credit.
  5. The net result is a FREE grocery item

If you’re buying on a large shop and have coupons for the supermarket, say £4 off a £60 spend, you can use those. Also, you can use manufacturers coupons, but this is a grey area. The reason coupons specific to the item are potentially problematic is because according to the Shopmium terms you shouldn’t use coupons directly on a claimed item. In the US coupons are listed on receipts. In the UK, most just say “coupon”. So if your using coupons it depends on the receipt wording. Using these sorts of coupons may, if you’re not careful, invalidate your cashback claim.

With a good number of referrals, you can mine the app for freebies and subsidized offers continually. Just be careful to check the offer periods and packed sizes for any given item to make sure you get the correct ones to claim back money on.

How to get Shopmium referral freebies and Shopmium Sign Up Offers

Shopmium offers regular sign up offers for new members. It usually means that if you use a referral code you’ll get app access plus full cashback on your first “freebie”. At the time of writing this article, Shopmium is offering the deal below. It could expire, change or be replaced at any point with a different product or freebie. Frequently they’ll offer free chocolate at certain times of the year, such as Lindt Reindeer at Christmas and Lindt Bunnies at Easter.

Here’s what to do to get the app and start getting freebies and discounts:
1. Download the free Shopmium app on your iPhone or Android smartphone from the Shopmium site
2. Open the app and sign up with code: KMYEUFYL

shopmium app

For extra ideas on how to get the most out of cashback apps and sites, look at my cashback article I wrote last year or even consider making free extra money while browsing the net with InboxPounds, Boom25 or make money while window shopping with the Job Spotter app.


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