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Energise your energy savings with a Bulb referral code


What is Bulb and why is it worth using a Bulb referral code?

Bulb is one of the UK’s most relevant energy companies. They are on a mission to promote green energy whilst seeking to provide consistently excellent customer services and competitive pricing. As an extra bonus, a Bulb referral code scheme exists making their product even more appealing to the savvy consumer. In this post, I’ll give you a few details about the services Bulb offer, the perks of these and the way you can use their referral scheme to boost your energy savings even further. 

Bulb has been around for a few years and has just under 1 million users and growing. It is one of the newer, low-overhead online energy companies that seek to be open and transparent in what it does. This is a refreshing change to the confusing tariffs and products sold over the years by the larger “Big 6” that frequently appeared on the BBC’s Watchdog show for being poor value and unclear for consumers.

Bulb sits alongside other similar startups, such as Ovo, Flow and Octopus Energy. However, for today, I’ll just be looking at Bulb’s offering.

The pros and cons of using Bulb

A product needs to be good quality before you consider it. Bulb could offer the best incentives and referral schemes in the UK but if the product is shocking it wouldn’t be worth your time. Thankfully, there are many reasons to switch to bulb today. Firstly, Bulb will pay your exit fees from your existing provider should you be worried about the cost of jumping ship from a naff product. Bulb will sort this for you.

Bulb accounts are remarkably easy to set up and start a switch. The online accounts are clear and uncluttered with a supporting App that is equally pleasant for the consumer. This allows multiple ways in which the energy user can upload their meter reads and keep track of their account.

The pros and cons of using Bulb continued.

Companies I’ve used in the past for fixed deals have so many products it can get confusing. NPower, Scottish Energy and EDF, for example, had so many tariffs running they were confusing to navigate and compare. With Bulb, there’s one variable rate. They call it “Vari-Fair”. Now, usually, I’d be a cautious gent and go for a fixed tariff. However, when it comes to Bulb things are different. Not only does the variable rate usually compete well in the best buys tables. They also give you 60 days’ notice of price rises!

This is excellent news! It means you’ve got time to look around when you wish to move, with no exit fees to pay to Bulb should they no longer be for you.


The company was named in the 2018 Top 25 Tech Startups and continues to go from strength to strength now offering 100% renewable green energy from solar, wind and hydro sources. No nuclear or gas in sight! In fact, the average Bulb user saves 3.5 tonnes of CO2 and that’s the equivalent of nearly 2,000 trees!

There are no real cons to being a Bulb customer, you have very little to lose other than not being on a fixed deal. On top of all the aforementioned reasons to join Bulb, they’re consistently high in the customer service rankings. They also provide excellent services for those with accessibility needs. This includes help with meter readings, multiple bill formats and other services you can register for.  They also offer peace of mind with initiatives. These include verified identities for visiting engineers and allowing others to manage your accounts for you.

Maximise your savings using a Bulb referral code and access quality, good value services with great reviews.

Try Bulb by now. Why? Well, here’s the clincher! Bulb offers a referral code scheme. This scheme allows existing members to earn £50 credit for each person they refer. Plus, the new person signing up will get £50 credit on their new account once their switch has gone through.

Right now, you can sign up here through a £50 Blub Referral Code Link so you can see how it works. If you wish, you can use this link if you sign up. Once you’ve signed up, feel free to enter your own referral links. Also, post any thoughts on the Bulb product in the comments section below. You can read more about the perks of the Bulb service on the Which review website, all in all, I highly recommend comparing your current provider and giving Bulb a try. Using a comparison will give you an idea of your comparable tariffs for your area and with Compare The Market you’ll even get cheap cinema tickets for your troubles.

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