How to contact or complain to Sky effectively

If you’re a Sky customer in the UK, there’s a chance with the nature of the UK communication infrastructure in the UK that you may have experienced some issues with their services over the years. From price increases to substandard service, it’s easy to become frustrated with your provider. And what about those long-term customers who never seem to get the same special deals as the new customers?

Well, don’t worry, because Sky has a range of ways for you to get in touch and voice your concerns or find answers to your queries. Whether you prefer to pick up the phone, chat online, send an email, or send a letter in the post, Sky is likely to have a method to allow you to get in touch.

A word to the wise, before you jump straight into making a complaint, let me give you some advice. Try to give Sky customer services a chance to correct or fix mistakes. It’s easy to get upset and want to escalate things right away, but my personal experience has been that their phone support is decent and it’s worth giving those in the call centres at Sky a chance to make it right. It can save you a lot of time and stress.

How to contact Sky via phone to complain or ask questions

Let’s start with the options for a good old-fashioned phone call to speak to a human being. If you prefer to talk things through with a real person rather than an AI chatbot, like those used to handle complaints at Evri , Sky’s customer service line is open 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm. Just call 0344 241 4141 or 0800 151 2747. Alternatively use the website Say No To 0870 to find potential additional numbers that you might be able to contact Sky on.

If you’re able to access the Sky community or FAQ pages of the Sky website, that might be the alternative place to look for common queries, answers and solutions. Or head to the contact Sky pages on their website where, in theory, there are sections with instructions on how to contact Sky for issues with Sky TV, Billing and payments, Accounts and subscriptions, broadband, mobile, Sky Go & Talk, and Yahoo Mail.

how to contact Sky virtual assistant
Photo: A snapshot of the options available via the Sky Virtual Assistant Chatbot system.

Contact Sky via online chat

Failing that, you might prefer the online contact and chat options. Simply visit the Sky website, and click on the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Referred to as “Sky’s Virtual Assistant”, the AI Chatbot is actually a good example of AI used well. You’ll be presented with a number of options (presumably their most accessed options for their customers seeking help) and be able to simply click through to the relevant sub-selection of options.

When we tested this recently, we were presented with options for those needing help with (or complaining about) moving home, Sky Stream, Go, Mobile, Broadband, Bills/Accounts and booking an Engineer. Existing customers can enter their details on a secure link with their SKy IDs in order to get more personalised help or assistance.

Can I write to Sky to complain of get help?

If you prefer to put things in good old-fashioned writing, you can send a suitable email to Sky’s customer services team. Either head yourself over to the Sky website and follow the links to the “contact us” section for the latest email addresses, or use the following we have found at the time of writing this article:

The main email for Sky is mysky@bskyb.com. However, you could also try CRSupport@bskyb.com

If there is still no joy after using the above methods, it may be worth considering a polite email to the CEO office of Sky. At the time I wrote this article, Dana Strong was Sky’s CEO and her email address listed publicly online was dana.strong@skygroup.com.

It’s worth noting that you should be aware that this won’t go directly to the CEO in most cases. Instead, there’s a chance the secretaries or PAs of the CEO will triage the emails to see what’s worth forwarding on. As a last ditch to get something sorted with a company like Sky, a polite and well-worded email may get results when other contact methods have failed.

Be precise and clear in what you’re asking and what solution you’re seeking.

Can I send a letter to Sky with a concern or complaint?

Yes, if you’re a fan of good snail mail and a physical opportunity for a complaint to land on someone’s desk to sort out, you can send a letter to Sky via the address below:

Customer Complaints, Sky Subscriber Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, EH54 7DD

Remember, whether you prefer to talk things through on the phone, chat online, send an email, or send a letter in the post, Sky has generally got a decent option available. So, before you jump straight to the point of making a complaint, give Sky customer services a chance to make things right and if you’re trying to get a better deal on your service try reading our haggling with Sky guide or consider Sky alternatives like NOW. And remember, a little bit of patience and understanding can go a long way!


  1. Wendy Lam-Vechi says:

    I think this is true for most companies, give them a chance to rectify things before you get really angry. You are also more likely to get effective help that way as by being friendly, people would WANT to help you.

  2. charles atterton says:

    I am a Sky Diamond VIP customer having been with Sky for 30 years (since BskyB). In fact, I had two Sky accounts (2 homes) for much of that time, until 2019.
    In May 2023 I spoke to the Resolution Team (‘C’) and renewed with him until November 2024, for Sky TV, Sky Sports and Sky Multiscreen. I had a problem with the Multiscreen Mini-Box in my bedroom and C arranged for a local Sky engineer to visit on 6th June. The engineer came and resolved the problem but, it turned out, only temporarily.
    This morning I summoned up the courage to phone Sky’s Resolution Team (0333 759 1987). After about 10 minutes I spoke to somebody (‘S’) who was helpful and said she’d put me through to Technical but there was a 25 minutes wait. I was shocked by this abuse of a long-term customer’s time but agreed to listen to music and wait. Unfortunately, after 15 minutes my cordless BT landline phone ran out of juice! I’d wasted from 09.15 to 09.42 and was back to square one.
    I suffer from high blood pressure and my wife asked me not to phone Sky back and start the process again for a while. So, I have decided to write instead.
    As usual with large companies nowadays (banks, tech, Sky), when you actually get through to a real person they’re helpful, just as C, S and the local engineer all were. I have no issue with them. The problem is the senior management at these companies who fail their staff, their customers and even their shareholders by constantly reducing service budgets, trying to shift workload to customers instead. The nonsense is that Sky’s online presence says that we should be aware that “wait times may be longer than normal” but this isn’t true. Wait times are always long.
    Yes, I could start again but Sky makes it so HARD. I’ve spent 20 minutes online in my Sky account trying to find a chat option (with a person) but everything is directed to self-help articles, Sky Community, etc. Even if you search ‘help’, ‘chat’, ‘speak’, you end up back where you started.
    When I got through to the Resolution Team back in May, I found the only way to speak to a person is to say “cancel my Sky” into the options menu.

    What a way to run a chip shop.

  3. Yes, as a long term SKY customer, I left them due to the poor Broadband offering but returned three years ago when the Company I moved to were taken over and prices increased and quality declined.
    I returned to SKY because of the customer support people, they were very supportive and honest.
    Cannot say the same about the current organisation.
    As a last resort, before going to law, I am contacting the CEO.

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