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Where to Buy Hot Chocolate Nespresso Pods

I really fancied a silky smooth hot chocolate this weekend. I have a trusty Nespresso Prodigio coffee machine, so thought I’d order some hot chocolate Nespresso pods. Unfortunately, Nespresso have a barista range of chocolate flavoured coffee, but not an pure hot chocolate pod. This has really irked me. Why? Well,  ever since I’ve developed a love for hot chocolate recently, I have wanted to try making one with hot chocolate pods. But ones from Nespresso don’t, as I say, exist. Whilst I know I could make a proper hot chocolate using the amazing Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser and their Classic Hot Chocolate Flakes which are stunningly beautiful. I wanted an instant, cost effective option in the form of a Nespresso compatible pod for easy use.

What brands of hot chocolate Nespresso Pods are there to buy?

There are actually a huge number of Nespresso compatible hot chocolate pods on the market today. They all vary in price texture aroma and ultimately taste. I’ve personally been using my Nespresso prodigio machine to try out some of these after developing a love for this sweet chocolatey delight.

The first pods I would like to refer to are Podista hot chocolate pods. These are hot chocolate Nespresso pods that are compatible with the full range of Nespresso machines. The pods arrive in a 10-pack and, as you’d expect, are similar looking to standard Nespresso pods. Instead of the premium foil appearance of official Nespresso pods, the Podista pods have a plastic-looking, brown non-branded appearance. They’re basic, but it’s not the appearance of the pod that matters, it’s the taste of the hot chocolate the Nespresso pod makes.

The Podista hot chocolate pods fit well in my Nespresso prodigio machine. Very occasionally some of the capsules would get stuck when falling into the waste receptacle. Whilst not a huge issue this not huge, it does  mean a little bit of faffing around. I’ve put this down to the fact the non metallic Podista hot chocolate pods seem to get crushed by the mechanism rather than falling easily. The Podista pods are biodegradable and usually around £2.50 to £3 for a box of 10. They produced a reasonably creamy smooth texture with very little “grain”. There’s a 40x hot chocolate pack for the Nespresso pods too at around £16-£20 on Amazon most days.

hot chocolate nespresso pods

hot chocolate nespresso

Whilst you can buy the Podista capsules in small quantities there are some companies offering larger packs of pods containing hot chocolate for Nespresso machines. One of these companies is Real Coffee. They offer hot chocolate Nespresso pods that are compatible with most machines. Their small packs contain 100 capsules, so roughly £28 per capsule, and are £28 with free delivery. You can also buy 40x Dark Hot Chocolate pods from Real Coffee for £15ish on Amazon.

nespresso pods hot chocolate

hot chocolate nespresso

Do Nespresso make Hot Chocolate Capsules?

As referred to at the beginning of this article, Nespresso themselves don’t make official hot chocolate pods. They make a variety of chocolate based coffees, alongside some chocochinos style pods, but nothing with the sweetness of a normal hot chocolate. Nespresso is mainly a coffee company and they seem to want to stick to this exclusivity. That being said, Nespresso do suggest a recipe for making your own hot chocolate using their Aeroccino milk frother and other Nespresso devices. Check out their main recipes section on the Nespresso website for this

Where To Buy Hot Chocolate for Nespresso

There’s a variety of places you can buy Nespresso compatible pods. Amazon has a great range of Amazon brand Nespresso pods that I use regularly for normal coffee flavours. They are amazing! Not only in value, but also in taste. The Podista hot chocolate pods mentioned earlier in this article are available through the Amazon website or via the link below. You can save further on the cost of Easter cards by buying 4 x 10 pods multipacks with 40 pods total for around £15-£20.

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