Affordable Things To Do With The Kids Before They Go Back To School in 2023

The 2022 summer holidays may be just starting, but it won’t be long before they’re over and the kids are heading back to school. So, you’ve got to make the most of it! Here are a few weird, wonderful, and wallet-friendly ideas to help you and your kids have the best summer before they go back to school 2023.

We’ll explore:

  • Things to do with kids out and about
  • Indoor ideas for rainy days
  • Fun and games in the garden


Ready to pack your days with fun and make core memories together? Read on to find out more affordable things to do with kids in 2023 …

The term ends for most on the 22nd of July, with the summer holidays running throughout August and kids returning to the classroom at the very start of September. That leaves you with six full weeks of opportunities for family fun. So, what can you get up to that’s a cheap day out with the kids?

Things to do with kids out and about

If Norfolk is one thing, it’s versatile. From beaches to adventure parks, National Trust sites and bustling towns and cities, there’s something for everyone. So here are some top low-cost things to do around Norfolk this summer:

go to the beach for free
Photo: Brancaster beach on the North Norfolk coast. Inexpensive parking and free geocaching, fossil hunting and shipwreck finding! A great idea for affordable things to do with kids in 2022.

Head to the beach

It’s a bit of a no-brainer really – Norfolk is home to many blue flag beaches such as Cromer, East Runton, Sheringham and more. So, why not pack a picnic, swimsuits and spades and go to the beach for the day? It can be a relatively cheap outing if you’re careful, as the sea and sand can keep the kids busy for hours. Just remember to budget for ice cream and maybe some fish and chips!

Photo: The beach is a great place to have fun for free and there’s a whole host of inexpensive AirBnB stays within minutes of the coast in Norfolk and Suffolk.

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Visit some heritage sites

Norfolk and Suffolk have a rich history with National Trust and English Heritage sites all over the counties. You can find some of the local favourites here, and they often host family days and events throughout the summer. So, why not see what’s on near you?

Explore the playground

If the whole family is in dire need of a break or feels a bit burnt out, then consider heading to your local playground. It gives the adults a break from entertaining and allows the kids to run around and let loose on the playground equipment. Fitness and outdoor play are excellent supporters of child mental health, so an hour or so on the carefully-designed swing and multiplay kits is sure to help them recharge.

As well as all this, there are plenty more affordable things to do with kids in 2023 within Norfolk. Such as visiting the Redwings Horse Sanctuary (free, but they do appreciate donations), doing the GoGoDiscover trail, exploring the Raveningham Sculpture Trail (Under 18s free), checking out Cromer Carnival and more.

Indoor ideas for rainy days

Despite the recent heatwave, the UK is still the UK, so you can expect a few rainy days this summer. There’s no reason to let this ruin your fun though – there are plenty of indoor things to do together with items from around the house:

Do some baking

Whether you have a family birthday coming up or fancy a delicious pudding for post-Sunday dinner, baking is an easy indoor task that everyone can do. Simply choose between fairy cakes, a decadent chocolate sponge, a classic trifle or something else – the only issue will be who gets to lick the bowl! Check out these budget recipes to see if there’s something you can bake together for less.

Get artistic

You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to have fun with pens and paints. Oftentimes, the worse your art is, the funnier it can be! Why not play fun art games with your kids to while away the hours? One of the favourites is Picture Consequences. This game is where one person draws the head and folds over the paper to hide it, the next draws the body and hides it, and so on until you have a silly character created by everyone. Another option is blow painting with drinking straws where you blow thin paint about to create a picture – it’s wonderfully messy and creative!

Make a den

If your children are coming to the end of a sugar rush from those fairy cakes, then den-making is a great idea to burn off that excess energy before you all get cosy together. Start by sending them off around the house to collect blankets and sheets while you move all the fragile items out of the way. Then you can move around furniture and fix all the fabrics together before you kit out the interior with cosy cushions and duvets around the TV for a comfy film night.

Fun and games in the garden

Here’s hoping we get plenty of sun-filled days this year as there are loads of fun things to do together in the garden. As well as the old favourite football, cricket and hide and seek games, here are some more adventurous ideas you can do in and around your home to add extra affordable things to do with kids in 2022:

Camp Out

With the airports being a risky business recently, why not go for a staycation in the garden? You can set up a family tent and all camp out together like on holiday with late-night card games, snacks, and stories in your sleeping bags. The best part is there’s no trek to the toilet block!

2 room family tent review

Have a water fight

Has it been a great summer if you haven’t filled up the super-soakers, chosen sides and gone to war with water on a hot day? To make it epic, position buckets of soaked sponges or water balloons strategically around your garden for when your super soakers run out, then have at it! To make clean-up easier, remember to put some towels by the back door and consider using reusable water bombs instead of balloons.

Set up a homemade fairground

Games like ring and beanbag tossing are easy to DIY, and apple bobbing and three-legged races are straightforward too. Throw in a hanging doughnut eating game, tin can bowling, and some tasty BBQ food, and that’s a pretty perfect afternoon, right? For the best day, why not invite some of their friends and parents? If they all bring something to eat or drink along, it’s sure to save you some money too. Remember to encourage your guests to take leftovers home to avoid unnecessary food waste, or try cutting down on your waste with these tips.

Summer with the kids will fly by, and you’ll be washing their uniforms before you know it, so make the most of it. With a bit of DIY, careful spending, and research, you’ll have loads of valuable family memories with your kids that you’ll remember for years to come. Remember, there are plenty of affordable things to do with kids in 2023 within the UK and, as I’ve previously written about, you shouldn’t feel pressured to spend money you don’t have.

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